High Chai

Elevating our most loved tea in the world, by creating a specialized blend of spices, brewed the ancient way, and as magical as the mountains themselves. Always decaffeinated, vegan, small batch produced, and infused with love and intention, for a superior product unlike anything else.


Add some spice to your life.  Soothe your soul.  Refresh your spirit. Invigorate your body.  Just like the high mountains of its origins, we believe our chai is magical. Lose yourself in the bold flavors of nutmeg, clove, ginger, cardamon, vanilla, and other world-wide flavors.  Serve  our concentrate at your next party, pour some love for your family, or keep it all to yourself; we won’t judge.  


DIRECTIONS: Keep refrigerated-see bottle for best-by date. Our Mountain High Chai barista grade drink mix is in concentrate form and is intended to be mixed in any kind of milk, coffee, cocktails, or hot water. Mix it with your favorite liquid at a 1:3 ratio. Go out there and try using our chai on more than drinks too, like desserts, smoothies, protein shakes, and more!


Decades after falling in love with Chai and perfecting the recipe over 10+ years, our owner Spencer is sharing it with the world!  Chai got him through the darkest places in his life and soared him to his highest points, and he hopes it will do the same for you. We're committed to making the best chai in the world, using organic ingredients known for healing and energy (naturally), and made with love. Thanks for your love & support!

Good for you + the planet!

Our natural resources commitment is in everything we do! Some say our chai is we want to be sure we're healing the earth too, even if it costs a bit more.
Thanks for your support! 


Nearly 95% of our chai ingredients are organic, helping us create a bolder experience than normal everyday chai syrup, which is usually full of chemicals and preservatives! Hooray!



Whether for retail ($1 discount) or wholesale orders, we'll handle the sanitizing, and keep that bottle out of the landfill!  Let's all do our part to keep our planet sexy!



After the brewing process, we use our Chai by-products to create what many call the world's best chai sprinkles! We're working toward a zero waste goal in all aspects of our company too!


Our recipe is 100% vegan friendly, so drink it up.  Plus, Chai has a long history of healing & energetic powers, and every small batch of ours is made with intention and love!  We hope you can feel it too!

CHAI, 32 fl.oz.

Mountain High Chai is in concentrate form and is intended to be mixed in your choice of milk, coffee, spirits, hot water, and more.  Mix it with your favorite liquid at a 1:3 ratio, depending on your desired chai strength. Take it up a notch and try it in desserts, over ice cream, in french toast, and more.  It's decaf, so you can't go wrong!



The spice of life! Nothing shouts expert, or arouses the senses, like sprinkles on the top of a beverage to make an impact.  Or, dash it on desserts, pancakes, or ice cream!  Made of by-products of the brewing process, it's sure to take you to new heights.  Make everyone jealous of your skills and sprinkle this on everything!

GALLON, 128 fl.oz.

What's better than Mountain High Chai?  MORE Mountain High Chai!  This gallon is the best way to win host of the year at your next party, or to really wow someone when given as a gift!  It's the gift that keeps on giving! *Wholesale available-contact us.


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